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Donald Trump (Image: AP/John Raoux via AAP)

In Both Sides Now, author and ethicist Leslie Cannold presents two sides of an argument and then it’s over to you: what do you think is true, and what do you think Cannold really believes?

Today: when a population is polarised by wildly differing "truths" -- those promulgated by some sections of the media and social media versus those proffered by scientists and health experts -- it's not only political confusion that reigns. Families and friendships are often shattered. Do we really want "truth" that we're told to believe?

No: Exposing and discrediting false truths gives us the confidence to make our own decisions about our future and that of our families -- and our country. Yes: Some people consider independent thinking an important aspect of democracy, but for others being part of groupthink gives them a sense of security.