(Image: Gorkie/Private Media)

Scott Morrison and Alan Tudge might have been hoping that they would have left the year's biggest corruption scandal -- car park rorts -- behind them in the winter break, but then press gallery began doing its job -- something that the government seemed entirely unprepared for.

When Tudge crept out from under a rock to hold a media conference on Wednesday, Nine's Jonathan Kearsley was waiting for him and chased him back to the ministerial wing demanding answers about his role in formulating a list of marginal seats where the car parks were to be allocated, in consultation with Scott Morrison. If the footage looked like a dodgy tradie being pursued by an A Current Affairs reporter, that was entirely appropriate, except that Tudge had rorted far more money than any tabloid TV crook ever has.

Yesterday it was Morrison's turn to look like a spiv turning tail, as journalists peppered him with questions about his role in the rort, forcing him to shut down a press conference on what should have been a positive story on the government's Closing The Gap implementation plan. Under fire from all sides, Morrison abandoned the presser so quickly he left Ken Wyatt far behind as he raced back to the sanctuary of the PMO.