(Image: Tom Red/Private Media)

Joyce words Our actual-not-as-a-joke Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce is no stranger to raising eyebrows with his behaviour in Parliament. However, yesterday featured such a... robust example of his style that it necessitated an intervention from Speaker Tony Smith. We don't have space for the whole thing (and as ever, representing Joyce on the page is an incomplete representation -- we can only ask that you use your imagination regarding his gesticulations and hue):

Joyce: I like going to the movies. I always remember Howard Hughes, The Aviator, but the Labor Party have got 'Albo the advocator' — the great advocator, the ideas man, straight from the pool room. But never in this whole period of time has he uttered from between his lips a word about one dam he will build in regional Australia. Not one dam is going to come out of this man. He has never uttered a word about one regional road he is going to build—

Albanese: ... Mr Speaker. I am forced to bring out the 'om weirdness' stuff — I have no idea what this is, but it's nothing to do with the question.