Supporters turn up for Olympic runner Peter Bol (Image: Twitter)

About 2.46 million people tuned in to Seven for Peter Bol's run and the rest of the night’s events on day 12 of the Tokyo Olympics -- 1.79 million in the metros and 675,000 in the regions. The most unifying event of the games for Australians so far. Well run, and a great and generous call by Bruce McAvaney and Tamsyn Manou.

Elsewhere, Shaun Micaleff”s Mad As Hell, 592,000, far more than Win The Week at 8pm with 410,000. That was a turn on off 44% for Win The Week’s, confirming that ABC viewers uninterested in sport can’t stand it. Ten’s The Bachelor -- 449,000 -- was another desperate program.

Today its the men’s hockey final, the men’s basketball semi final and the women’s bronze medal football game. And of course there’s some NRL on Nine.