Annabel Crabb, host of Ms Represented on ABC TV (Image: ABC)

On the ’70s TV hit Fantasy Island, Tattoo the loyal offsider would always rush to the bell tower and shout "The plane, the plane!" when the aircraft carrying the next group of fantasists approached the island. Watching the Olympics is a bit like that: around 3pm, Tattoo runs to the bell tower (aka the TV) and yells "The Games, the Games!" and, spookily, Seven emerges from the gloom.

The same happens around 7pm and reality and the soothing tones of Bruce McAvaney emerge. Although yesterday afternoon saw one of his great calls: the final of the men’s 400 metres hurdle and the race (so far) of the Games. Tonight it's 10.05pm and the final of the men’s 800 metres and Peter Bol.

At 8pm yesterday though, I took back my life and watched the final ep of Ms Represented with Annabel Crabb. It’s by far her best work and one of the most important TV programs to appear on Australian TV because it looked seriously at an important area of Australian social and public life and treated women and politics seriously. It was a greater contribution to Australian journalism and public life than anything that has been yelled on Sky after dark over the years.