(Image: Private Media /Mitchell Squire)

The Doherty Institute has released its modelling showing Australia's vaccination targets for the path out of the pandemic which has driven the national cabinet’s four-phase plan for reopening the country. But it focuses on the first two phases of Australia’s reopening plan -- only modelling six months of scenarios. 

“The reason we stopped where we did was we said six months is a long time in this pandemic,” director of epidemiology at the Doherty Institute Professor Jodie McVernon said yesterday.  “COVID-19 is a reality that won’t go away.” 

No phase D and limited information on phase C

Phase C, the consolidation phase of the reopening strategy, will happen once the country hits over 80% vaccination rates for those 16 and over (64% of the population) and consists of highly targeted lockdowns only, increased border caps and lifting all restrictions on outbound travel for vaccinated Australians.