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Michaelia Cash (Image: AAP)

Cash in hand Apparently it is possible for some things to be so predictable they become surprising. See the profile of Attorney-General (and rule of law fan) Michaelia Cash in Good Weekend. Apart from the customary "relaxed" photo shoot which makes you long for the warmth and authenticity of a Boston Dynamics dance sequence, Cash's rhetoric is the exact kind of Kmart Thatcherism you'd expect:

To achieve, you work hard. To achieve more, you simply have to work harder ... There’s a hurdle in front of you? You go under it, around it, pick it up and smash it, but you get to the other side ... If your parents give you a work ethic, you will survive anything.

Ah yes, the exact kind of inspiring determination that one picks up in the hardscrabble world of ... *checks notes* political dynasties. Cash is the eldest daughter of George Cash, one-time president of Western Australia's Legislative Council. She went to Iona Presentation College, an expensive Catholic girls’ school. Best of all, Cash took elocution lessons. Firstly, one is forced to ask what kind of psychopath was running that class? Secondly, there is nothing that says "voice of the common people" than having done elocution lessons like the scion of an 1920s publishing mogul.