Image: Erik Zünder

It's been Games, Games, Games and a whole lot of boasting from Seven -- it said this morning its audiences figures last week were the best in over 12 years -- which they were -- keeping in mind that the last Olympics in a favourable time zone was Beijing in 2008.

Seven’s PR machine also said that the figures for the weekday news were the best “in over a decade”, without mentioning the way the figures were boosted by the late afternoon Olympic Games coverage (up to 5.30pm) which also boosted the half hour version of The Chase Australia -- which in turn passed on more viewers to the 6pm News. It’s all very well to boast about successes -- they have been few and far between for the network -- but at least be upfront about the reason for the improved figures.

In breakfast it was: Weekend Sunrise, 738,000; Insiders, 684,000; Weekend Today, 340,000; Landline, 273,000.