Bjorn Lomborg
Hoover Institute fellow Bjorn Lomborg

Damn, Hoover Gracing the Australian Financial Review opinion pages this morning is John Cochrane from the Hoover Institution, attacking climate finance regulation. Extreme weather events may be a problem for people, he argues, but not financial markets, so let's not get melodramatic. The AFR doesn't mention that the Hoover Institution is funded by an array of right-wing donors, many of them with a history of fighting climate action, as well as fossil fuel interests like Exxon.

And, look, while we're filling in some details about the place, the Hoover Institute count among their fellows ageless contrarian climate grifter Bjorn Lomberg and Scottish historian Niall Ferguson, who took time out from arguing there was too much regulation of banks after the financial crisis to warn his readers against believing "Greta Thunberg's science fiction". Cochrane himself himself has argued climate change isn't "the end of the world".

Get with the Times Due to incredibly strict regulation of broadcasting rights, there's a long tradition of news outlets having to be creative with their Olympic coverage -- from heavy use of still images to simply plonking a reporter near the stadium to describe to viewers an opening ceremony they can't show.