captain cook statue covered in pink paint
(Image: AAP/David Crosling)

Crikey readers are torn over a proposed school curriculum that aims to include greater levels of diversity (is it honesty, or "woke" ideology?), and also have their say on Katie Hopkins getting the boot from both Big Brother and the country.

On the 'the khakification' of Australia's leadership

Margaret Donald writes: Thank you, Kishor. But of course it has been happening for years. Note our governors-general since (I think) Tony Abbott. It's extremely frightening. And what is with the ads for getting vaccinated when it remains the case that those who wish to cannot? (Standard: blame the victim, not the perpetrator -- here it's blame the public and not the government.) Lots of smoke and mirrors (costing huge amounts) to remove the heat from where it really belongs.

Colin McCormac writes: The problem with the military (I’m an ex-sergeant) is that it is expected to be obeyed. No matter how stupid the order, you never question it; you just jump and obey. Military leaders are trained to attack or defend in war. That’s their job. They are not used to dealing with civilians or running civilian organisations. It’s totally wrong to put them in the positions that should be held by trained public servants.