Rocketman Jeff Bezos (Image: EPA/Blue Origin handout)

Jeffrey Bezos, you did it! Elsewhere in today's Crikey we've looked at the phenomenon of free marketeers arguing vociferously against capitalism. Billionaire Jeff Bezos' trip to space has given us another example. Bezos thanked Amazon employees and customers upon his return. "You paid for this," he beamed, because no one was going to point out precisely how they paid for it -- through horrifying work conditions, union busting and tax evaded with Neo-like dexterity.

"Capitalism, not socialism, sent Jeff Bezos to space and back today," Republican strategist Amy Tarkanian proudly tweeted. We're not sure pointing out that one man who by forcing his workers to pee in bottles was able to take a 10-minute vanity jaunt into the beyond while the world struggles through the greatest public health crisis of the past 100 years is the glowing endorsement of the way the world works she thinks it is.

Sky finds its limit What’s that screeching echoing throughout Holt Street? Why it's a great arching U-turn! Media Watch revealed that Sky News boss Paul Whittaker does have limits in dealing with the sort of rubbish Alan Jones and guests like the discredited Craig Kelly spruik on their sessions. After the pair drew some some highly dubious conclusions regarding the fatality rate of the Delta variant, Sky published a lengthy correction, followed up with palpable reluctance by Jones.