Katie Hopkins (Image: Instagram)

The principle of the vaccine is that you need to introduce poison into yourself to get better, which brings us to Katie Hopkins. She is presumably on a plane by now, yelling at flight staff about the peanuts, winging her way back to a newly "FREE!" UK, but her brief visit really brought on a fever in a tired debate.

Like a lot of right-wing pathogens, it is said she doesn't believe COVID-19 exists, or that social distancing doesn't work, or both together, and it sounds like there was a little difficulty finding a spot on a plane for her. If only someone knew someone associated with a luxury travel company who shared her crackpot beliefs, she would have been away sooner.

That she was brought out here by the Seven network is no coincidence, either. The line is that she's "controversial", "exciting", etc, and it's a purely commercial decision. But Seven has a lot of these: Sam Armytage comparing twins with different skin tones, brown and white ("good on her" about the last); Prue MacSween calling for a new Stolen Generation, and for a young Muslim writer to be run over; the casual reference to "black footballers" losing the UK's Euro penalty; and that's just a recent haul. Proprietor Kerry Stokes doesn't seem to see cleaning out his Augean stables as a high priority for his khaki-clad patriotism. Hopkins, here for Seven's Big Brother VIP, wouldn't have been out of place.