Comedian Jon-Bernard Kairouz (Image: TikTok)

This pandemic has been utterly flush with bullshit, most of it irresponsible, much of it dangerous. From rabid anti-vaxxers and anti-maskers to celebrities (and celebrity presidents) spreading misinformation and contributing to sickness and deaths around the globe.

Australia has a new bullshitter-in-chief -- and he’s quite marvellous. And unlike the woo-woo crowd, he’s bringing laughs instead of deaths.

He’s also bringing the correct coronavirus numbers. Jon-Bernard Kairouz has been “predicting” NSW's daily COVID-19 caseload via TikTok videos before the numbers are officially announced. And until today, when his prediction of 109 turned out to be off the mark, he was on a winning streak. Many suspect he has a very good leak inside the NSW Health Department -- which seems like the only plausible route for the information he releases a couple of hours after officials have collated the day’s numbers.