(Image: Imperial War Museum)

Browsing through the cesspools of Twitter and newspaper comment sections allows an unvarnished view of human emotion. And it remains clear that for many Australians, COVID-19 is a modern-day black plague that randomly slays millions of healthy people -- without interventions like lockdowns and border closures, that is.

Rationally speaking, this view makes little sense, given we now have 18 months of very clear fatality data.

While COVID (in an unvaccinated population) is clearly more lethal than influenza, it is about 1/100th as damaging as the 1918 Spanish Flu. Across the world, 99.96% of people have not died from COVID, and for those who have fallen victim, 89% had a pre-existing condition, while the median age of death from COVID is, in almost all countries, above that nation’s life expectancy.