Bruce Pascoe (Image: Magabala Books)

Crikey readers had much to say in response to David Hardaker's deep dive into Bruce Pascoe and the Dark Emu fallout. Some were disappointed in what the exploration had -- or hadn't -- revealed, others welcomed the questions, and many took the opportunity to share their appreciation for the necessary conversations Pascoe has started.

Julanne Sweeney writes: Thank you Crikey and David Hardaker for opening up this necessary discussion in the hands of a fair minded journalist rather than extremists on the "Fox after dark" team. There is much to be digested in statements by Michael Mansell and Stan Grant and The Guardian’s reprint of Mark McInnes’ response. All respectful with no malice. As I believe is the rationale of Peter Sutton and Keryn Walshe. Sutton has an unquestionable life of close research with Aboriginal people. I have not read the book but did read carefully on June 16 the long article in The Age on the book. And I sensed then the furore that would follow.

Where is the voice of academic Bill Gammage whose Biggest Estate on Earth appeared to inspire Dark Emu? (Ironic test of authenticity...) As I write, I 'm thinking it is healthy for the future to be straightening out facts from feelings as we lucky Australians learn to appreciate more about the genius of the traditional owners of our island which is now exploited and mismanaged.