Damien Cook (centre) in action during game one of the 2021 State of Origin series (Image: AAP/Darren England)

State of Origin game three managed 2.52 million nationally (1.74 million in the metros, 774,000 in the region). The game couldn’t crack a million viewers in the biggest market in Sydney -- 902,000, still very solid but a million or more looks better. Likewise in BrisVegas, 502,000 is also very solid, but a figure of more than 700,000 would have shown real interest.

The game averaged 155,000 in Melbourne and was easily beaten by Seven’s The Front Bar with 213,000. It was a wonder the game was played at all given the COVID disruptions in the lead up.

Tonight -- AFL and the Tour de France (the latter with 241,000 last night and early today). A killer stage and another tonight with two massive mountains to climb in the short 129km.