Gambling streaming on Twitch (Image: Supplied)

Internet celebrities with hundreds of thousands of followers are spending hours every day broadcasting themselves gambling in online casinos. In many cases, these content creators are sponsored by offshore casinos that are offering them lucrative deals, free money to gamble with, and incentives to encourage as many of their young fans as possible to sign up.

Twitch is a popular social media platform that allows people to broadcast video content online. The platform was originally created to allow people to livestream themselves playing video games for others to watch. It’s expanded to include all kinds of activities, including people making music, working out or often just chatting with their audience -- with professional streamers spending dozens of hours every week interacting with their audience. 

The platform has on average 2.5 million people watching streamers at any given time, with more than 16 billion hours watched in 2020. In Australia, the biggest demographic is men aged between 18-34.