UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson (Image: AAP/Mick Tsikas)

Freedom is coming! For the UK anyway. But how long will it stick around for? For good, according to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who has announced that on July 19 Britons will be able to throw away their masks, come out of their dim terraces and foetid turf-covered dwellings and dance in the streets.

With more than 45 million people having received one vaccination, and more than 34 million of those doubly vaccinated, Johnson is confident Britain can take it. (One never knows what to call the man -- Boris is too folksy for the right-wing bruiser; but Johnson simply characterises him as a big dick, which burnishes his pants man reputation. BoJo is just disgusting. It's a dilemma.) 

He is riding high after the country achieved its favourite sort of sporting triumph: losing the European football championship on a penalty, offering the chance for remorseful reflection without the burden of actual success. For weeks he's been bigging up "Freedom Day", part of an effort to join the development and purchase of the vaccines to an expression of British know-how, and the animal spirits of capitalism -- "greed" drove the developers of the vaccine, he said. Forget the naysayers and the nanny-staters, i.e. the Labour Party -- after an exceptional period, the British public would regain their birthright of liberty.