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Scott Morrison’s plan to provide further economic support to locked-down NSW was met with fury south of the Murray. The Victorian government says the more generous package is a sign NSW is getting special treatment. Treasurer Josh Frydenberg says it's because the NSW lockdown is longer — and has been extended for at least another two weeks today. He wants Victoria to stop whingeing.

So who's right here?

The packages compared

On June 3, as Victoria’s lockdown entered its second week, Morrison and Frydenberg outlined a package to support workers. To get payments, people had to jump through several hoops. First, they would have to live in an area declared a COVID hotspot by the Commonwealth, and lose income due to restrictions that lasted longer than a week. To be eligible, recipients had to have liquid assets of under $10,000. They’d receive $500 per week for losing over 20 hours of work, and $325 if they lost less. At the time, there was no suggestion payments would be expanded if the lockdown was extended.