Health Minister Greg Hunt (Image: AAP/Tracey Nearmy)

The Hunt for Rudd We struggle to pick a favourite part of the drama emanating from former PM Kevin Rudd's intervention in the desperate state of the COVID vaccine rollout. There was an extremely not-mad Health Minister Greg Hunt having a "little chuckle" at the story, refusing several times to use Rudd's name (calling him "the individual") as though he feared he would summon him like Beetlejuice or something. We also got Defence Minister Peter Dutton sharing Pfizer's rebuttal of allegations that no one had made, winning him an argument no one was having, and Malcolm Turnbull giving out likes to anti-Morrison tweets like lollies:

We will leave the last word to Rudd. His people put out a lengthy statement (which isn't like him) restating his involvement and insisting that his letter was "entirely consistent with public statements by Pfizer". And if you're wondering why it came from a member of his office, writing about about Rudd in the third person, we suspect it's so the final line really landed with the intended disdain:

Mr Rudd would definitely not seek to associate himself with the Australian Government's comprehensively botched vaccine procurement program.