Scott Morrison AstraZeneca
(Image: AAP/David Caird)

Crikey readers have much to say about how COVID-19, the vaccine rollout (or lack of) and their privacy has affected them over the past 18 or so months of the pandemic. And "omnishambles" has become the word du jour.

Vaccine omnishambles

Victor Ayers writes: Omnishambles would be putting it mildly, but as usual the government does what it does best: put spin on it and pass the buck to anyone it can think of. It seems not to take any responsibility for its actions. If it was in the private sector, it would have been removed ages ago.

Lee de Percy: As reasonably informed as many people aged between 50 and 60, I reluctantly got my first AstraZeneca shot because it’s the right thing to do. Seconds later the advice changed and Pfizer is now recommend for my age group. Blah blah blah. So I made as informed a decision as I could and, regardless of the advice, I decided to jump the AstraZeneca ship and go with Pfizer. To ensure that was possible (given the complete lack of any clear and consistent advice from leaders) I contacted the COVID hotline which confirmed I could do so. Not being a trusting soul I sought and got confirmation in writing from said hotline. So confirmation in hand I confidently booked my Pfizer shot. When I turned up for my appointment at the Pfizer clinic not only did it not have a record of my first vaccination but I was booted out when I said I had had one AstraZeneca shot. Neither the ACT nor federal health minister’s offices could give me any advice on what I needed to do. What a complete debacle.