St Joseph's College, Hunters Hill (Image: AAP/Mick Tsikas)

Year 12 students of St Joseph’s College, a high-fee independent Marist school in Sydney’s Hunter Hill, have received priority access to the COVID-19 vaccine. In June, 163 students who board at the school were given the Pfizer vaccine. 

Many of the school's alumni are highly placed. Of the 45 Liberal members of NSW Parliament, three are St Joseph’s alumni. Member for Camden Peter Sidgreaves graduated from the school in 1993, followed by Member for Albury Justin Clancy who graduated in 1995, while Member for Riverstone Kevin Conolly graduated in 1975

Former Hunters Hill mayor and former Liberal Party member Richard Quinn is currently director of advancement at the school. Quinn quit the Liberal Party in 2019 to unsuccessfully run as an independent for the seat of Lane Cove. Quinn told Crikey he wasn’t involved in any correspondence or request to NSW Health regarding the vaccination of students.