'Cases' are actually patients, many of whom are in hospital (Image: Adobe)

Yesterday’s headlines paint a story that badly needs an edit. Just take these examples, from across New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland:

  • "NSW confirms 35 new cases of coronavirus"
  • "Seven new cases — but it’s good news"
  • "Overseas arrivals slashed"
  • "Spotlight on illegal party linked to COVID cases"
  • "Next few days 'absolutely critical'"

Where are the people? The patients? Those "suffering from COVID"?

It seems, at both the federal and state level — and across all states — that those with COVID-19 are now simply "cases"; numbers that make up a daily tally. We have "cases" that are, locally and internationally, acquired. "Cases" of both the alpha and delta strain. But what about the people? Those suffering this insidious disease that is locking us in our homes and creating a formidable spike in the mental health of our children?