(AAP Image/Dean Lewins)

Farr parked Sure we in the media scramble to label everything as a rort, but in the case of the recently uncovered use of the Urban Congestion Fund what possible evidence can we provide to back that up? I mean, apart from the fact that not a single project that received funding was recommended by the Department of Infrastructure. And that there was no evaluation process. And the fact that it funded projects in marginal seats rather than seats that actually needed it, and where nothing was built anywhere near where it was needed. I mean apart from that.

Well, there is the fact that before the last election the government said car parks were going to to win it the next election. Malcolm Farr, writing in news.com.au and seemingly well-informed, tells us -- under the heading "Liberals hanging election hopes on new carparks" -- about "the government’s $500 million budget wooing of the park-and-ride crowd, the constituency seen as important by Liberals in vulnerable seats. And particularly those in vulnerable Liberal seats in Victoria, the home state of Frydenberg and Tudge."

The Don Donald Rumsfeld, former US defence secretary under president George W Bush, an architect of the monstrous forever-wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, has died. Many publications will be forced by convention or decency (or perhaps their coverage of his work while he was doing it) to post neutral obits, noting that he was a "controversial" figure or some such.