Ricky Gervais as David Brent (Image: BBC)

Being a health worker in this vaccine rollout feels identical to working in The Office with David Brent. I’ve long since cycled through denial and anger and now all I can muster is an exasperated look to an imaginary camera, dying a little bit inside with each new development.

The vaccine fridge in 2021 has been a living monument to failure, full of flu vaccine that is rapidly disseminated nationwide year on year, AstraZeneca conspicuously absent, a casualty of reinventing the wheel on vaccine delivery.

On Monday Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced AZ could be given to anyone over 16 by their GP. This followed no consultation with GPs and now we are trying to find out if this was a new policy or a thought bubble akin to wondering aloud if we’ve looked into the option of injecting bleach.