Barnaby Joyce on Alan Jones' Sky News show
Barnaby Joyce on Alan Jones' Sky News show (Image: Sky News)

Your Joyce Which of the government's recent indications that it wasn't taking this "governing" or "politics" business all that seriously got you the most riled up in the past few weeks? The return of Bridget "sports rorts" McKenzie to cabinet at the expense of Darren Chester? The nakedly political rorting of the Urban Congestion Fund, which made sports rorts look like a peanuts? The fact that it was pushed to the back of many news reports by the government's vaccine rollout -- a rollout which continues to suggest a policy decided using darts and a blindfold?

Or maybe it was the appointment of mask dodger Barnaby Joyce, a man facing unresolved allegations of sexual harassment, to the cabinet taskforce on the status of women. If so, you can at least make your feelings known. There is a petition demanding his removal which is, at time of writing, about 400 signatures short of its 25,000 target.

Porter in the storm As we wrote last month Christian Porter is walking the tightrope of attempting to keep a low profile outside his seat while desperately scrambling for attention within it. As such the industry minister is continuing to spend a lot of money on Facebook advertising -- $6394 in the past seven days alone. The campaign predictably features plenty of ads regarding the redistribution of his division of Pearce and generic "I care about local issues" rhetoric.