sonia kruger
Big Brother host Sonia Kruger (Image: Seven)

Big Brother ended for Seven last night and the final night "enjoyed" the same sort of reception from viewers than other "reality" programs have enjoyed -- fewer viewers.

The winner’s announcement averaged 1.02 million nationally and the finale averaged averaged 982,000 for a program average of 1 million. Seven of course didn’t compare the performance with 2020 -- last year's hacking of Nielsen data meant the full national numbers weren't released for days after the final went to air

But the metro data is available for comparative purposes. In 2020 the program averaged 876,000 for the winner’s announcement and 726,000 for the lead-up finale. That gave a program average of 801,000. Last night Big Brother program averaged 769,000 for the winner’s announcement and 672,000 for the finale, a program average in the metros of 721,000. The 80,000 fall was a loss of 10%. Not bad, but not a good look for the final when interest is supposed to be at its highest.