(Image: Mitchell Squire/Private Media)

Those randy British politicians are just so far behind ours. Over the weekend we saw a senior minister in the UK government resign over improper relations with a staff member -- while here in Australia we were busily reinstating one accused of the same offence.

Not just one, mind. The Morrison government can now boast a cabinet full of grubs (well, at least more than previously) after yesterday’s reshuffle brought on by Barnaby Joyce’s second coming. So, welcome back all the gropers, the rorters, the drunks, the deniers, the imbeciles and sycophants collectively known as the federal Nationals.

As foreshadowed in Crikey by Bernard Keane, the well-regarded, competent Veterans Affairs Minister Darren Chester was dumped purely for spite to be replaced by Bridget “sports rorts” McKenzie.