Barnaby Joyce Nationals Michael McCormack
(Image: AAP/Lukas Coch)

Say what you want about the sheer gall of appointing a man with unresolved sexual harassment allegations against him to a status of women taskforce -- you'd never say it as weirdly as the man himself would. Hell, even Barnaby Joyce's sexism occurs in a language all his own. As we pointed out yesterday, he, during the second reading of a bill on water efficiency labelling in 2012, referred to Bridget McKenzie as “a flash bit of kit".

It's always been the case. Joyce approaches language with the same sense of freedom as a jazz musician: unpredictable, instinctive, at times utterly unlistenable.

Social media is frequently the forum where he truly explores the possibilities. There are his 2019 reminiscences with Rob Oakeshott (not the former independent MP, you understand, but just some random guy on Twitter with the same name):