(Image: Private Media/Gorkie)

After the revelation of the alleged rape of a staffer in a minister's office, and its gross and abysmal mishandling; after casually dismissed rape accusations levelled against a minister; after yet more details of a deeply toxic and misogynist workplace culture in politics; after gender issues dominating politics for the first third of the year, the verdict arrived this week: nothing has changed.

An accused sexual harasser is once again deputy prime minister. He joins an industry minister accused of rape, who discontinued his defamation suit against the media outlet that revealed the allegations, and a minister who described a woman allegedly raped in her office as "a lying cow", along with a prime minister who lied to Parliament about the investigation into his own office's handling of the rape allegation.

For good measure, accused sexual harasser Barnaby Joyce is on the Cabinet Taskforce on the Status of Women. At the first meeting of that taskforce in April -- dominated, of course, by Scott Morrison -- the prime minister said "women's safety and security are very much, I think, the heart and soul of what the agenda for this group is about".