(Image: ABACA Press/Robin Utrecht)

Australia is phasing out the AstraZeneca vaccine from September as those over 60 receive their second dose. It’s the vaccine we have in the highest quantities given it’s manufactured onshore -- though it's also the most contentious due to very rare links to blood clots.

Imports of Pfizer doses are expected to reach up to 1.3 million a week in September, and up to 2.3 million by December, while AstraZeneca doses will drop as low as 880,000 by September and given to states based on demand from December (though manufacturing will continue until company CSL fulfils its contract of 50 million doses, CSL tells Crikey).

Around the world, new research has shown mixing and matching vaccines might be the way to go. The UK still allows AstraZeneca for those aged under 40, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel received the Moderna vaccine two months after being given AstraZeneca.