The UK's Channel 4 investigated Sewa International, to which the WA government is promoting donations (Image: Channel 4)

Charity case A tipster pointed out something we missed: in response to India's horrifying experience of COVID-19, the West Australian government has been promoting donations to Sewa International since early last month. And look, obviously we're not knocking the WA government for attempting to help a truly dire situation, and we make no specific allegations about the conduct of the WA branch. ButSewa is an interesting choice. Also the charity du jour for Google, Twitter and Microsoft, Sewa International has allegedly worked to spread Hindu nationalist ideology in India and internationally for decades. As Slate reports:

A 2002 investigation by the UK’s Channel 4 tracked money raised from British donors by Sewa International for earthquake relief and found that they went towards Hindu nationalist organisations and projects in India, without proper disclosure of how the funds were being used. These findings were bolstered in a 2004 report by the UK-based, South Asia–focused human rights group Awaaz, which detailed how internationally raised relief funds went to groups that directly incited communal violence in 2002 during the Gujarat riots, which saw months of attacks on Muslims by Hindu extremists.

An odd Joyce Yesterday was Barnaby Joyce's second first question time as deputy prime minister, since Michael McCormack was ousted by his colleagues (though it seems a stiff breeze could have done it). Looking to capitalise on the optics of someone with unresolved sexual harassment claims over his head returning to the party's top job, Labor's Julie Collins asked: “In his capacity [as] minister for regional development, what does the deputy prime minister say to women in agriculture?” To which Joyce provided the auto-complete conservative bloke answer to that kind of question: