Former federal independent MP Tony Windsor

House of Windsor The re-ascension of National Party leader Barnaby Joyce has shaken former federal independent Tony Windsor out of retirement -- not back into running for Parliament, but back to his true calling: hating Barnaby Joyce with the intensity of a thousand suns. It all goes back to an attack ad the Nationals ran against Windsor back in 2016, comparing his conduct with that of a cheating spouse -- "running off with Julia" -- which Windsor took serious exception to. His response at the time: "Joyce & Treloar shd [sic] withdraw offensive gutter ad inferring philandering with women. These two should be the last to raise this issue.”

His last line raised eyebrows at the time. Anyone curious about what he meant by it needed only to look at his Twitter, where he has been explicitly stating what had long been whispered regarding Joyce’s marriage. But he didn't stop there, making references (some veiled, some explicit) to various allegations concerning Joyce.

Needless to say, he's back on it. Windsor has tweeted 11 times (including retweets) since yesterday, and seven of them concern various slams on Joyce; one particularly heavy with allusion: