Pauline Hanson One Nation James Ashby NRA
(Image: AAP/Lukas Coch)

Coalition Senators voted with One Nation yesterday to pass Pauline Hanson's motion calling for the government to reject critical race theory (CRT) from the national education curriculum.

Hanson's motion, which passed 30 votes to 28 and was opposed by the Greens and Labor, will have no real effect. But for One Nation, it was a valuable bit of culture war theatrics. CRT, a mix of cultural, legal and social critique which seeks to analyse how structural racism operates in systems of power, has become a recent obsession of Fox News and the Republican right in the US. And like so many of those obsessions, it's quickly made its way into Australia's parliament.

Hanson amends for government support

Hanson's original motion called for the government to "ban" critical race theory from the national curriculum. That was later watered down to "reject" before being brought before the Senate, and Hanson herself teased at a deal cut with the government to assure its passage.