Rocketman Jeff Bezos (Image: EPA/Blue Origin handout)

On July 20, Jeff Bezos, the centibillionaire founder of Amazon, will be shot into space with five other people, including his brother, in a rocket launched by his space exploration company, Blue Horizon. The journey is nothing more than a parabolic shot -- up and then down -- and is timed to take 11 minutes.

Hopefully it will take less time than that, because if all goes well Jeff Bezos will explode in space.

Well, not in space -- it would have to be mid-atmosphere, oxygen supply and all that. Hopefully it would occur well clear of the launch site. Should it happen, it will be sad about the other five people, but they'd never know what happened (narrator: they’d survive and burn up on re-entry... so, no) when Jeff Bezos exploded in space.