(Image: Gorkie/Private Media)

Australia is rich fodder for international journalists seeking to flex their creative writing muscles and get all their clichés and hyperbole out in one go. While the day-to-day of Australian politics isn't weird and wonderful enough to make international headlines, our fires, floods and animal plagues certainly do.

There seems to be a specific set of rules international journalists follow when reporting on Australia and, after much investigation, we've managed to boil them down to these big four.

Rule #1: Always reference the Bible

In Australia, everything is biblical. In fact, the evidence is mounting that the Bible was actually set in Australia. There’s no such thing as a small-to-medium natural disaster here — floods, droughts and animal plagues all happen in "biblical proportions" — the Queensland floods, the heat and drought, the mouse plague — you name it, it's comparable to an event from the Bible.