(Image: MitchellSquire/Private Media)

Join the club And so it was decided, in this, the year 2021, that an elite men-only club ought to stay that way. Of the 693 votes cast by The Australia Club members on whether to change their membership rules, 62% voted against allowing women to become members. Among the 693 voters were former prime ministers John Howard and Malcolm Turnbull. Turnbull wouldn't comment on his vote but told The Australian as "a lifelong feminist" we could probably guess. But then, if the self-application of "feminist" made your actions predictable, I would have predicted he'd have left the organisation by now (or maybe just not joined)?

Beyond that is the eyebrow-raising involvement of Sue Cato, spinning for a club at which she has to be signed in by a male member and only on weekdays. The Australia Club's status as a "private club" is what renders it exempt from anti-discrimination law, so it's worth remembering that these guys got nearly $2 million in taxpayer-funded JobKeeper.

Crossing the ALPs Now that the Biloela family are to be released into community detention in Perth -- after so many Labor MPs have made their case a cause célèbre, urging the government to show greater compassion -- it's worth interrogating what might be different under a Labor government.