Boris Johnson Scott Morrison G7
(Image: Peter Nicholls/PA Wire)

Queensland’s everywhere Leaders’ travel schedules provide the surest sign we’re in election mode, and as usual, all the action is in Queensland. Labor leader Anthony Albanese spent much of last week there, addressing the state ALP conference in Brisbane, announcing a new Senate candidate, and of course attending New South Wales’ barnstorming demolition of the Maroons in State of Origin Game 1.

It’s Albanese’s second trip to the sunshine state since last month’s budget, when he hopped on a plane right after his reply speech to announce a flurry of candidates in the coal seats where Labor were pummelled in 2019. Morrison’s also at it -- in the weeks between the budget and his overseas trips, he did a whirlwind tour of marginal seats in Queensland, Victoria and Tasmania. It’s (nearly) on.

ScoMo leads from the front It was a triumphant weekend for Morrison at the G7, if the Australian media coverage is anything to go by. According to reports in News Corp and Nine papers, Morrison used his private address to warn G7 leaders about China’s list of 14 grievances against Australia. But South Korea’s Second Vice Foreign Minister Choi Jong-Moon said China didn’t come up in any meetings between the G7 and guest nations like Australia.