(Image: Tom Red/Private Media)

Australia is on the verge of securing the "right" to hold another Olympics, without any assessment having been done of whether taxpayers -- either in Queensland, or the rest of the country -- will get any benefit at all from the money to be spent on Brisbane 2032.

Indeed, the selection process that looks set to deliver the games for Brisbane -- in the absence of any other city being particularly keen on them -- has proceeded to general apathy.

Federal taxpayers will be on the hook for half the costs of mounting the games following an April deal between the Morrison and Palaszczuk governments. But what the costs will be aren't clear: a 2019 study by the Queensland government optimistically concluded: "organising committee costs for the Olympic and Paralympic Games of $4.45 billion could be delivered at no cost to the state, taking into account International Olympic Committee (IOC) contributions and domestic revenues."