(Image: EPA/Andrew Parsons/Downing Street)

Well, the Queen's Birthday honours didn’t see me or millions of other Australians gonged for doing what we do voluntarily: watch the mostly pap product on Australian free-to-air and cable TV. The legacy linear programming is a tough ask for us all to tackle night after night. It’s no wonder we chose to go elsewhere for our escapist thrills: Netflix, Stan, Amazon, Binge, Apple and Prime. All were enjoyed over the long break and I hope the Queen tuned out as well after soloing at the G7.

Thanks to the free publicity from the prime minister and News Corp (including the ravers on Sky News led by our newly ennobled P. Credlin), Four Corners saw a surge in its audience size last night to the point where it was the sixth most-watched program nationally with 1.06 million people -- 722,000 in the metros and 341,000 in the regions.

As always, ordinary Australians had the last word and they stuck with the program -- only 52,000 people went elsewhere or to bed. Media Watch averaged a high 985,000 and along with Four Corners, easily dominated the evening timeslots. More people tuned into Four Corners than on MasterChef on Ten, 778,000; Big Brother on Seven, 833,000; Have You Been Paying Attention? on Ten, 855,000; and Celebrity Apprentice, 831,000 across the whole program.