Tim Stewart and Karen Stewart (Images: YouTube, Supplied)

On an October morning in 2018 as Prime Minister Scott Morrison prepared to deliver his national apology to survivors of child sex abuse, two members of the Stewart family had their own reasons to pay close attention.

One was Tim Stewart, now widely known as a leading QAnon figure in Australia. The other was Stewart's sister, Karen, who had very personal reasons. Little known until now is that Karen had been sexually abused when she was 14 by two young men linked to the Maroubra Baptist Church in Sydney's eastern suburbs -- the very church Morrison had attended 30 years previously.

The Maroubra Baptist Church held special significance for the Morrisons and the Stewarts. It was the place where the couples became the closest of friends. (Morrison's wife-to-be, Jenny, and Tim Stewart's wife-to-be, Lynelle, had been close friends since high school.)