(Image: ABC)

It was another Groundhog Wednesday, with the outcome of last night very similar to a week ago: Big Brother (789,000 nationally) and MasterChef (735,000) not really setting our TVs on fire (again). Hard Quiz was the most watched non-news programs with 933,000 for the ABC. Nine’s remake of The Weakest Link next Tuesday looks like the weakest link itself from early promos.

Nine’s night in total people, Seven and Nine drew the main channels and the ABC beat Ten in the main channels. Tonight, Nine’s NRL has North Queensland v Newcastle (won’t set the sets on fire either). The Front Bar is on at an impossible time in NRL markets, thanks Seven.

Q&A bores for the ABC again tonight. It's the most groundhog of all Thursday night programs. Bill Murray would have nightmares with this one.