Discovery CEO David Zaslav (Image: CNBC)

Only in Hollywood could a deal that sees a new player created out of two existing groups be pictured as a big, bold, dramatic...

Forget the multibillion-dollar loss by one company, tens of billions of dollars in debt, some of the best known global brands (Netflix, Apple, Amazon, Disney) as the off-screen "baddies" to the plucky new contender, a string of looming job losses (including the CEO of one of the companies who wasn’t told about the sale and merger plans) and the winner is: the highest paid executive in US media who is set to earn a billion US dollars by the time a six-year contract to run the new company ends in 2027.

In every big deal, attention focuses on one person: the dealmaker, adviser, banker or CEO. In the case of the US$43 billion sale of Warner by AT&T and the merger with Discovery, it's Discovery's CEO David Zaslav.