Joseph Zalman Kleinman, a Holocaust survivor, receives his second dose of the Pfizer vaccine in Jerusalem. Israel is a world leader in COVID vaccinations (Image: AP/Maya Alleruzzo)

While the media focuses almost solely on the devastation caused by COVID-19 it’s easy to miss the good news. Here’s a summary:

Brazil doesn’t collapse

Less than two months ago, Brazil was the focus of the world. Officials were warning that “health systems were about to collapse”; one epidemiologist even claimed “Brazil is a threat to humanity”. The apparent causes were a failure to take adequate lockdown steps coupled with a “new variant [which] could be twice as transmittable as the original version”.

Fast-forward three months and, miraculously, Brazil’s health system didn’t collapse, and the mutant variant wasn’t that mutant. Daily cases have dropped by 21% and deaths have dropped 23%. Deaths dropping by more than cases is especially positive, indicating strong vaccine efficacy.