Craig McLachlan in a promo for his TV interview (Source: Channel 7/Twitter)

The Craig McLachlan interview on Seven (in the 7NEWS Spotlight) averaged 1.08 million nationally -- 720,000 in the metros and 362,000 in the regions. The interview had 296,000 more viewers than Big Brother did the previous Sunday (785,000 nationally) but Nine still won with Lego Masters’ penultimate program. The interview meant Seven got closer than it would have had BB stayed in the slot last night.

LM saw an interesting point at the end: how much time people invest in an idea or challenge such as Lego building. I could not understand how people could get so emotional about plastic building blocks until one of the losing duo last night said it got her away from kids and into her own space doing something for herself. LM’s grand final is tonight. (Quick! What else can Nine get Hamish Blake to do? He’d be a snappier host of The Block, wouldn’t he?)

LM and a solid outing by the 6 to 7pm News saw Nine win the night easily and it will win tonight with the finale of LM. But I will be glancing at Have You Been Paying Attention? on Ten for some brainwashing -- getting rid of all the budget detritus from the past week.