(Image: AAP/Mick Tsikas)

I know I will be heckled for saying this but it’s a pretty poor state of affairs for the ALP when Q+A (and especially Jacqui Lambie) make more sense on the budget than Albo.

Albo’s address in reply to the budget averaged 491,000. Joshie’s Tuesday night effort averaged 615,000 -- as it should, after all he’s the man with the hands on the money levers. Albo's offering was just the usual collection of gunna’s and wouldas. Apart from Lambie’s contribution, Q+A could have been Albo’s address in reply in many voices (370,000 watched). Lambie had the passion, Albo had the half hour and it drained away.

Seven won the night because its 6pm news hour averaged 1.48 million. Nine’s hour averaged 1.16 million. Home Away (816,000 nationally) dominated too. MasterChef got 747,000 nationally with no opposition. Not good enough.