(Image: ABC)

No NRL tonight -- this is its so-called magic round based on Brisbane where all eight games in the round are to be played. It’s always a risk having so many NRL players in the one place -- all those bars, clubs and cafes -- in BrisVegas.

It was Nine’s night last night -- Travel Guides reached 879,000 which is OK, but Hard Quiz with 924,000 from 8 to 8.30pm did better. MasterChef, 678,000; Big Brother, 828,000. Doctor Doctor on Nine still in ICU with 534,000 -- beaten by The Weekly (713,000) and You Can't Ask That (516,000) -- 615,000 for the hour.

Breakfast: Sunrise, 437,000 nationally and 264,000 metro; Today, 310,000 and 208,000; News Breakfast, 268,000 and 181,000.