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Despite a major increase in aged care funding, there are serious questions about whether the Morrison government will deliver the fundamental reform needed to implement the recommendations of the aged care royal commission and achieve what it calls a “generational plan for aged care”.

There will be a big rise in aged care funding: by 2024-25, over $31 billion will be spent on the sector, compared to less than $20 billion in 2019-20. Where is it going?

  • An additional 40,000 home care packages from next year, and a further 40,000 in the following year, costing $6.5 billion over four years
  • $3.9 billion over four years to implement a requirement — long demanded by nursing unions — for minimum care requirements in residential care: by October 2023 residential facilities will have to provide 200 minutes per day of care, including 40 minutes with a registered nurse
  • $3.2 billion over four years to increase the Government Basic Daily Fee per resident paid to residential providers by $10 a day, to be rolled into a new funding model, the Australian National Aged Care Classification (AN-ACC). That will cost $189.2 million separately.

That's just the initiatives worth more than a billion dollars.