Sammy J (Image: YouTube)

The iconic Peter Allen song turned highly successful Qantas advert "I still call Australia home" has been given a 2021 twist by comedian and ABC Radio Melbourne breakfast host Sammy J, with his recent rendition of "I can’t call Australia home", co-written with Chris McDonald and James Pender.

The satirical song features a smiling choir shrouded in white, perfectly enunciating lines such as “if you come home we’ll jail ya". It also fires well-aimed jabs at the seemingly racist travel ban on Australians in India and the absurdity of young Australians forced to pay huge amounts of money to try to get home from places like the UK. Zac Efron also cops a whack.

As Sydney Morning Herald journalist Latika Bourke tweeted, it’s “the utterly searing, truth-telling take we’ve all been waiting for”.