News Corp logo at its headquarters in Sydney
(Image: AAP/Dean Lewins)

It's coming up to a year since News Corp literally stopped the presses on most of its community and regional newspapers. Now, it’s taking the next step of integrating the local mastheads into its state-based brands like the Herald Sun or The Daily Telegraph.

It’s all about scale -- about hanging on to the benefits that “mass” once delivered news media conglomerates. Behind those brands, News Corp shares news content across its state-based tabloids through its News+ network. It’s journalistically tricky: how to hold on to the locally-focused readers (and locally interested advertisers) with an increasingly national product.

Tracking reader behaviour

Like the big-tech social media platforms, the company relies on tracking reader behaviour online to meet its commitment to match advertisers with a relevant audience. It’s particularly important for the company’s core business -- real estate advertising through its most profitable segment,